Saturday, January 10, 2015

Challenges of the inside 3

The inside 3 turn is an interesting challenge. The blade must turn into the turn, and thus be directed to that position through the lower leg and the ankle. I am just beginning to get a sense of what the action looks like going into the turn. More difficult yet is getting to pull out of the turn, so that the edge increases in speed. I do not have a muscular sense of how to do this. I have been working on the turn at the boards, making the shape with the point towards the board, and alternating inside and outside 3-turns with the same leg. The pull out of the inside 3 is weak, while tracing the same arc going in the opposite direction via the outside 3 is strong. But the muscles pushing into the turn on the outside edge are the opposition muscles pulling out of the turn. Doing this slow at the boards makes me think that alignment of the body over the torso is crucial. The leg has to be bowed out, with the top of the hip pulling up. But I do not yet know what is feels like, or how to get the lower leg to help.